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1.00 No new release. Just fixed a broken link for the download.

Release 2011-04-04
- IMPORTANT bugfix. Error in calculation for contigency tables. Introduced in version 1.00.


Release 2010-10-23
- Release in conjunction of submission of methods paper.
- Added feature to change number of quintiles for numeric columns
- Added possibility to change data interpretation from numeric to character
- Possible to store / restore session
- Change background of tree plot to white to facilitate plotting for publications
- Minor bugfixes.

0.41 Release 2009-09-27
- Beta feature of plotting index of divergence per variable

Release 2009-06-13
- Included new index of divergence.

0.33 Released 2008-10-25
Changed some menu names.
- Added some tooltip strings.
- Debugged to avoid crashes when computer FisherExact test

Released 2008-02-11
- Inclusion of Fisher Exact test.


Released Q4 2007
- Improved output
- Support for tree analysis.
- Improved stability to missing data in input
- Inclusion of chi2 statistics.
- Several bug-fixes.

0.1 First release
- Extracting data into tables
- Creation of user interface
- Load Excel data sheets
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